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Interview With Award-Winning Filmmaker & Content Creator – Dan Mace



Today, we are interviewing an award-winning filmmaker, director Dan Mace. He is the only African director who has won two silver screen awards at the 2016 Young Director Awards in Cannes. He has a youtube channel Dan Mace which has nearly 2 lakh subscribers and over 3.4 million views. He also works with youtuber/vlogger Casey Neistat and runs the new and upcoming series 368 alongside him.

Q1. Who is Dan Mace in real life?

Real life? What is that.. haha. I guess you referring to my life off of youtube? I’d say I try not define myself by titles like ‘Film Director’, ‘Surfer’ or ‘free thinker’; etc. I’d say I’m different to my childhood dream. I live by the day but plan by the year. I don’t ever try, I just do. I am living in New York City at the moment working on something that will cause a big impact in the world of new age branding and content development. It’s pretty much my focus at the moment. I feel like the poster child for ‘boring dude’ – I don’t drink alcohol or party and I get excited by things like building a blanket fort
with my girlfriend. But in saying all of that I fucking love my life and wouldn’t change a thing. I’m stoked.

dan mace casey neistat

Q2. What are your hobbies besides filmmaking?
Surfing is probably my favorite past time hobby, but I go through waves (See what I did there… twice) I play the piano which I become obsessed with at times and then if I pick up a book that interests me Ill binge it in one sitting.

Q3. What has been that one thing that gave you a sense of accomplishment in your
Finding out why I need to continue making films. It’s never about the views, money or awards. For me, the only way to make sense of an internal problem is to make a film about it. It helps me transcend through the burdens of my conscious mind.

Q4. How did you meet Casey Neistat and what has been your experience working with
Him?                                                                                                                                                                    Casey is a true hardcore dude. I have never met someone with so much drive. I know you see it on the vlog,
but outside of that in all aspects of his life, he is just superhuman. He is an incredible father and husband and then at the same time is able to gym like a madman, run like Usain Bolt and edit through the night. If I could bottle Caseys ‘vibe’ and sell
it to people to consume id be a billionaire. We met through having similar interests and decided to work together.

Q5. Where do you see yourself and 368 in the future?
Like I said. One day at a time, but hopefully playing a significant role.

Q6. Would you like to say something to our readers?
I can’t tell you what to do, but maybe tell you what not to do as I have failed many times. Stop thinking about doing something, it’s those thoughts that make it increasingly hard to go out and do it in the first place.


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How To Select The Perfect Gaming Laptop




Gaming laptops are becoming popular among the public more than ever before.

Earlier, these masculine portable computing machines were only used by a select few hardcore gaming enthusiasts.

With the improvement in ergonomics and competitive pricing strategy is now making waves in the performance laptop segment which finds its uses in gaming, video editing and a plethora of other productivity purposes.

But do you have to always pay a premium for the best product? Yes, but not always.

It’s true that expensive laptops come with cutting edge technology and performance prowess, but often more than what we actually do require.

By carefully evaluating your needs, significant savings can be made while picking up a suitable gaming laptop.

In this article, we’ll help you choose the best gaming laptop for a rewarding gaming experience from thousands of models out there in the market.

Without further ado, let’s get right into the article.

How Does a Gaming Laptop Differ from Conventional Laptops?

With the internal hardware getting more and more powerful, one would think – do I actually need a gaming laptop or a normal budget laptop under Rs.50,000 would suffice?

The answer to this question is both yes and no. You can game on a budget laptop.

Crank up the settings to very low and there you go. But the experience will be less rewarding with choppy frame rates and occasional lags and stutters.

If you want to enjoy gaming, you should prefer a gaming laptop over the affordable budget laptops.

Remember, the extra money you spend on such a laptop will also be useful for productivity purposes as all gaming laptops are equally capable of performance-oriented productivity tasks.

Gaming laptops are specifically designed to run at higher processor clock speeds, and have modified heat dissipation methods, packs a powerful dedicated graphics processor to push the pixels to their ultimate limit.

A conventional laptop doesn’t necessarily exhibit these features, and if it does, it will probably on a superficial level.

For eg., having a dedicated graphics card is not always an indicator of how good will be the performance of a laptop.

There are different kinds of GPUs available in the market with a varying level of performance metrics. Just because your laptop has one, doesn’t always equate to excellent gaming performance.

Few Quick Tips on Choosing an Excellent Gaming Laptop

  • Always opt for at least a full HD laptop.
  • Touch screens aren’t necessary for a gaming laptop. Moreover, touch screens exhibit less colour accuracy than a conventional non-touch screen display.
  • Don’t be too much pricky with battery life statistics. A gaming laptop isn’t going to give 5+ hours of gaming on a single charge.
  • Intel processors rule the gaming laptop market. Yes, there is Ryzen processor powered AMD laptops, but priced at extremes. Always opt for an H series or HK series mobile processor for your gaming laptop.
  • To be blunt and straightforward, don’t think of serious gaming with dedicated MX series GPUs. Opt for a GTX 10 series card for the best gaming experience.
  • A comfortable keyboard is one of the most overlooked hardware features on a gaming laptop. Do make sure the keyboard suits your preference.

Setting a Budget – Well Begun is Half Done!

You should have an idea about how much money you’re willing to spend on a gaming laptop of your choice.

There are models costing over 2 lakhs a piece and you can also get a fairly loaded gaming laptop under Rs.80,000.

Having a fixed budget in mind before scouting for a gaming laptop will make your purchase experience much easier and quicker.


Having a powerful processor onboard on a gaming laptop is very much appreciated for a smooth performance.

Don’t just think that GPUs are the ones we should really care about in a gaming system.

Without the support of a powerful processor, GPU power will be bottlenecked and causes serious performance degradation.

Generally speaking, Intel processors perform a notch higher than AMD chips when it comes to mobile gaming.

Be sure to go for the latest generation processor – a preferably eighth generation or higher with four cores.

Target at least an i5 processor with respectable clock speed.

Higher the clock speed, better will be the performance of the system at peak loads.

To understand better, look out for the processor specification on gaming laptop you’re eyeing at. H series processors perform good, HK series perform better.

HK series processors from Intel are factory unlocked and gives you the option to overclock the processor.

Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)

Serious gaming requires powerful graphics hardware.

Nothing short of a dedicated GTX 10 series graphics card will get you the desired performance with the modern AAA gaming titles.

Yes, the NVIDIA Geforce cards are quite good for casual purposes, but not up to the level for a gaming laptop.

Having at least 4GB of DDR5 VRAM is beneficial for smooth gameplay. GTX 1050 is good, GTX 1060 is better and GTX 1070 is excellent.

There are GTX 1080 cards available in gaming laptops such as Alienware which you can bank in for a desktop-quality gaming experience.

The higher the VRAM on a gaming laptop, better is the possibility of gaming with the highest graphics settings.


We’d earlier said that nothing short of a full HD display makes sense on a gaming laptop.

Not all full HD displays are the same. They greatly vary in quality.

If possible, inspect the display from a hardware electronic store in person to know precisely about the quality of output.

It’s always better to spend some time researching while buying an expensive gadget such as a gaming laptop.

Better late than never.

A 4K display isn’t much of a necessity, but if you’re hell-bent inclined for an absolute gaming experience, do go for it.

However remember the fact that a 4K display needs an excellent processor and GPU to push the pixels, so thread accordingly.

Gaming on a 4K display with a GTX 1050 with ultra settings will result in choppy gameplay for sure.

  • Refresh Rate

The refresh rate is defined as the number of times the display hardware updates the buffer.

Higher the refresh rate, smoother will be the visuals.

Normal laptop displays have a refresh rate of 60Hz, which is good enough for daily usage.

If you want absolutely fluid gameplay experience, do go for either 120Hz or 144Hz display.

  • Matte and Glossy displays

This is really a subjective choice. Matte screens reflect less light and will only cause minimal strain to the eyes.

But these screens with matte coating has generally less colour accuracy than the glossy ones.

The main disadvantage of glossy screens is that it’s highly reflective and may cause eye fatigue when used for an extended period of time.


Solid State Drives >>>> Hard Disk Drives.

Give preference to the gaming laptop with an SSD inside. SSD offers better performance and faster boot times when compared with the mechanical disk drives.

Since there are no moving parts inside an SSD, the chance of failure is very minimal.

Yes, the cost of an SSD equipped gaming laptop might be a couple of thousands more, but it’s totally worth it.

Also, check whether there is an option for additional expansion of storage when needed. This will let you upgrade the system easily over time.

Random Access Memory (RAM)

Most of the gaming laptops come with 8GB of DDR4 memory as standard.

More the amount of RAM available on a system, better will be the performance. Resource intensive games occupy more RAM for a smooth performance.

There are laptops with 16GB, 32 GB RAM options. Since all the devices come with a RAM expansion slot in the premium laptops category, upgrading the same won’t be an issue.


The keyboard is preferably the primary mode of gameplay input on a gaming laptop.

Having properly spaced out keys with a good key travel distance is of utmost importance in a gaming laptop.

Having a key travel distance of 1.5mm and more will provide you with a very good click response.

Gesture supported keypad and the lighting effects add to the gaming flair for the laptop further.

Features such as anti-ghosting are important to avoid accidental key presses while gaming on a laptop.


The soundtracks of modern games are as rich as a movie these days.

The inbuilt speakers of most of the gaming laptops might provide satisfiable experience, but we suggest you invest in a Bluetooth speaker or a wireless headphone for better sound quality.

Final words

Choosing an electronic device – be it a laptop, smartphone or any other gadget is indeed a daunting task.

This article may not be the definitive guide for a gaming laptop purchase, but we hope this post did help you to have an insight towards what to consider while buying one.

We wish to look forward to your doubts and suggestions and wish you a rewarding gaming laptop purchase experience.

Thanks and have a great day!

[ The above article was written by Althaf Rahman from Find more about him in our The Team section.]

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Interview With Cinematographer & Content Creator – Jackson Hayes



Today we have with us for another Interview, Cinematographer, FilmMaker & Content Creator Jackson Hayes. He makes high-quality cinematic tech videos on YouTube and for Android Police. His channel has over 3k subscribers and 170k+ views.

jackson hayes
Jackson Hayes

Q1. Who is Jackson Hayes in real life?

Jackson: In real life, I’m a student, photographer, and cinematographer. I absolutely love shooting images, still or moving. I enjoy playing music, and I lead worship at my youth group pretty much every week.

Q2. When and how did your interest in YouTube start? Do you see yourself taking it full time?

Jackson: It started when I began watching MKBHD and Peter McKinnon. I learned so much from both, and I was inspired by them to actually do something with the knowledge I had. In October of 2017, I started my channel.

Q3. What was that one moment in your journey that gave you a sense of accomplishment?

Jackson: When my fourth video, the “what’s on my smartphone” vid, hit 1K views, that really got me excited. Plus, one of my heroes, Ash Tailor, watched and commented on it, which was awesome. Looking back at that video today, though, there’s SO MUCH CRINGE lol. But at that time, it was super encouraging to see the views and the comments roll in.

Q4. Do you see yourself as more of a YouTuber or a Content Creator?

Jackson: I see myself as a content creator, although more specifically, a cinematographer and photographer. YouTube isn’t going to be around forever, so I try not to identify as a “YouTuber” specifically.

Q5. Do you think starting YouTube in 2019 is viable? Considering the platform especially for tech creators is getting populated.

Jackson: Absolutely. It really depends on what you’re trying to get out of YouTube, however. Sure, the platform is quite saturated, but if you’re good, you’ll grow.

Q6. Do you think a college degree is necessary to become successful?

Jackson: Absolutely not. There are countless examples of people who have done great things without college. In the YouTube space, you’ve got people like Peter McKinnon, Sara Dietschy, and so many more who don’t have a college degree, but are absolutely crushing it.

Q7. Do you have anything to say to Tech2Daily & its readers?

Jackson: I’d say do everything you can to find what fulfills you. Don’t feel like you are stuck in the position you are. You can always grow.


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Interview With Akshat Gupta // Founder Of The First Teen Entrepreneurship Blog & CEO of ExpliciveMedia – A SIX Figure Media Agency



interview with akshat gupta founder teenpreneur and explicive media

Today, as a commemorating gift to our readers, on completion of Tech2Daily’s first successful year, we have with us for an interview Akshat Gupta, Founder of Teenpreneur( A Teen Entrepreneurship Blog) and Explicive Media( Six Figure Media Agency)

Here is what Akshat Gupta had to say to us –

“Awesome exchanging words with you over the phone today morning. I’d first like to thank you for taking the time to present this opportunity. More than anything for your publication, it is an honor for me to be under coverage at a publication like Tech2Daily. The questions you have curated are something that would come to anyone’s mind if they’ve been following my content on Instagram for even one month straight. And clearly, you have done some deep study on this as well 🙂 Kudos to that! And I’m glad you chose yourself to be the voice of the hundreds that are shy to ask or who already have, but haven’t got a detailed reply. Grateful for this.”


Q1. Who is Akshat Gupta in real life?
I’m an 18-year old aspiring Entrepreneur who loves getting his hands dirty into almost anything that makes his head turn. Apart from what I do as a passion(work) now, I had built several other interest and hobbies along the way- which not only have given me the headstart in a conversation between two but also have proven to be effective business/income streams too. I’ll talk about these passions a little later but if someone has to sum it up for me, I’m an obnoxious believer of the fact that action is everything. I have dropped out of college once due to the course not being up to my liking and literally heading to my second college tomorrow to withdraw myself back as I do not believe in where my college course education is taking me. This is surely about the course I have chosen again but also about my self-belief of the fact that ‘I am self-sufficient’. I have this mad urge to try myself out until I’m completely worn out before heading to college. As Casey Neistat says in one of his videos, “College is just one of the paths”. I stand by it as well. I feel my college education is more of a formal one and something I’ve seen individuals obtain even in their twenties.

It’s simply that I wanna boil everything up with the hot blood an eighteen-year-old has got. Too fancy to hear that? Well, Mehul has put together some excellent questions which expose me with no hedge and I can proudly say I have taken the change to scratch my own itch. Being 18 and having the leverage of the fact that you are so well ‘self-aware’ is a blessing and something I have built over time. My parents have been a great support system to what all I have done and accomplished but not too late, I realized I am actually alone in the process. I realized that for a few years, it’s okay to not be able to please everyone around you. If there is a happening only you can see or imagine, you better work on it yourself than wasting the 18-y/o hot blood explaining to everyone what you’re up to.

Getting back to the real question, I also speak Hindi (native), English, Tamil & well-versed in French. Well, I hate maths, although I calculate money faster than a few of my friends who are all toppers in maths. I love solving Rubik’s Cubes and have an official (in a real competition) solve of 19.0 seconds. I developed the interest in solving Rubik’s cubes after I saw two of my friends meddling and solving cubes in Grade 6. Of course, I used YouTube and learned 200+ algorithms that put me in the position of being able to solve Rubik’s cubes under a minute and at a time, just under 20-seconds. Right now, if I were given a cube, I’d solve it anywhere from 25-40 seconds of time (not that I remember all the algorithms but my muscle memory helps me remember the moves mostly). Crazy how badly I practiced it back then. Seeing this interest in me, my dad got me any cube I demanded (wasn’t so easy to convince him but maybe my excellent math scores back then convinced him, not really about the scores, but he got me everything I asked for, an extreme support). Currently, I have a 7×7, a 6×6, 5×5, a couple of 4x4s, three 3x3s, two 2x2s, also made a 1×1 just for the collection purpose out of a board game die, a snake puzzle, a Square-1 cube (google this shit ASAP), two Pyraminx (the triangle one), made a custom puzzle sticking two 3×3 cubes together (officially called as the siamese cube- literally called one of those two guys up to ask what that cube was called as I forgot. @sid_sriraman his IG) and a few others as well. All this in Grade 6 & 7. At this point, in 2018, I know to solve all 2×2 to 7×7 and maybe the Pyraminx but not all for sure. Anyway, apart from this, in Grade 7 I also got into rooting Android phones and flashing custom ROMs as I had a shitty phone and couldn’t run anything meaningful on it (this is a great story I need to tell on stage someday). I liked to sketch and paint, I don’t, now. One thing that has carried forward with me since the beginning is my love for music and photography. I have not taken any prior training to photography but I love it for some reason- being able to use my phone to show the people my perspective, I thought was a great idea and maybe that’s why Instagram as a platform blew up. A lot more to me, but this would do alright for this section 🙂 For anyone who’d love to pay keen interest about me and my past, my Instagram Story Highlights is your answer.

Q2. What made you want to build a digital marketing company and where do you see yourself and Explicive Media in the future?
It was back in 2016 when I realized the power of the internet. Back then, now too, in fact, I had a keen interest in reading. I used to spend the majority of my weekends reading blog posts and websites like and As inspired as I was to help myself get a name, over a period of time I had that little teen itch of ‘earning little bucks’ so I could buy a few little things I want. I got to realize a very true fact that money is where is the attention is and attention is nothing but the number of eyeballs. Yes, the one you’re reading with right now. Yeah, that. I realized this not too early but pretty early because it’s never too late and searched for ways how I could maximize the attention’ and started making the list of places I saw people paid attention to. Sadly but profitable enough, the attention was towards social media and drama. People love drama. And most of them have their fingers and eyes glued to their Facebook feed or Instagram account. I then started noticing the fact that no one really paid attention to the superass expensive TV ADs that were playing. And it’s true! As the ADs start rolling on the TV, until we’re some 8- year old who’s all tired to pick up the TV remote, we change the channel! I soon started self-observing, seeing when I change the channel and seeing when I close the Facebook App on my phone. It was usually when I saw an uninteresting AD play on my feed. And that’s when I really started to think, what if there is a way to show these ADs to people who are actually interested in the product/service being advertised? And to my surprise, there was! That’s when I started experimenting on Facebook ADs by promoting various Affiliate products and articles that I had put on my tech blog. (Uh yes, I also did have a tech blog with thousands of readers and a YouTube channel with 40,000 views short of a Million. I discontinued it as I saw my interests change and an opportunity like social media marketing pop-up in my head) I posted in multiple Facebook groups all day about the services I could provide until Facebook blocked me for 24 hours or a week for posting too much. I used to DM at least a hundred people every day on Instagram & Facebook (combined) until I was blocked for another 24-hours. 4 to 5 months in and finally, I had got my first client who paid me $40 a week to manage his blog and market it. Then word of mouth played in, which got me a couple other clients and then snowballed into this becoming an amazing SIX FIGURE empire. Again, it took flat 5 months of dirty posting and dirty work to get my first ever client. And the hard work involved is something ONLY I know from the people around me. My parents judged me at the time but the first month of the snowball when I put close to INR 90,000 on the table, I could already see dad happy about how I was going to bring myself out in the future.

As for today, Explicive Media has clients across the globe. We serve clients in Miami (Wynwood, Florida), California, Italy and the Middle-East. I wish to make Explicive Media a full-fledged Agency, currently in the middle of the process to Trademark the sensitive details about the Agency. For now, I, as the Agency owner has spread my hands into Teenage Entrepreneurship on a whole as I see thriving messages and E-mail through my social media asking me how all this was possible and how they too can level up. More on that in the next answer. But as for the future is concerned, Explicive Media would run on auto-pilot for the year 2019 at least as I have a few amazing people work in the agency with me. I would be looking forward to having at least TWO BIG clients before June 2019 and four until the end of 2019.


Q3. From where did you get the idea of Teenpreneur?
Seeing my Instagram DMs crashing and everyone’s enthusiasm towards what I did, I took a good time out of my day to answer each and everyone who has ever messaged me. Every. Single. One of them. I have answered them all. I soon realized this was taking in a considerate amount of time from my work schedule and I have to do something about this. I knew two thing- one- I could not automate this process and two- I HAVE TO REPLY TO EVERYTHING I GET ASKED. Mainly, it was the repetitive questions that took my time and I knew I had to communicate in a mass way. That’s when I made use of the prior knowledge I had about ‘blogging’ and registered the domain name “”. It was an instant hit as my blog posts solved real-life issues and gave real-life teen perspectives that the readers could very well relate to. That’s when I started communicating in mass. Although, the Instagram fam is still the strongest. My Instagram is and I love how people engage with my content over there as well. If you are new to me and my gram, I advise you to take the time and go through the story highlight on my Instagram profile termed as- ‘GRATITUDE’. Also, one called ‘Blog’ if you wish to know what kind of things go over at

Currently, I am also expanding to the merchandise lineup for the Teenpreneur audience as it has been in extreme crazy demand. The store and the stock are ready in place and would be available for shoppers in the US, UK, Australia, and France as early as the end of next week. For my folks in India, we are setting up with the legal compliances and the Merchandise can be bought for yourself as a Christmas Present! That’s a commitment. In fact, well before Christmas and the Tees are super high quality, extremely affordable, with the best possible print quality and a 3-4 day delivery promise. So watch out my Instagram ( for the updates!

Q4. How has your journey been so far with a six-figure SMMA?
For those of you who now know about my six-figure social media marketing agency (SMMA), Explicive Media, there will not be a lot flowing in terms of growth and it is currently on auto-pilot where I monitor things every now and then. Currently, my main focus is to stand Teenpreneur and hire skilled marketing experts whom I can appoint Explicive Media to. Looking at the question, tilting my head to the right, I see a great perspective of the question that you readers would love to know about. So let me talk a little about how my Six-Figure SMMA has helped me live a life that one could dream of- after having a job at 26. Although I have not been traveling International lately (looking forward to, in 2019 after I renew my Passport), I have been on a move within India. On an average, I travel every two-three months with Chennai and New Delhi (Noida) being my primary two cities. I had lived 8 years in Chennai- Grade 2 till Grade 9. In standard 10, I, along with my family moved to our two-story house in Noida where I live with my parents and my grandparents. Although we were a family who was doing well off, I always felt a hitch as I asked my parents for anything. At an early age itself, I felt the urge of buying things for me, myself and that’s when I started digging into various income streams. After I had a number of satisfied retainer clients on board, I was able to travel on my own expense, stay at 5-star hotels, book same day flights, shop brands (my favorite ones are H&M and Zara), paid my own bills and even pay 50% of my college fee along with gifting things to all the loved ones around me. The hard work and struggle does pay off intensely and not that it’s all about the ‘things’. Few people have even called me immature for wasting money on materialistic things but the fact that I had self-realized myself more than anything gave me an edge in my mind to outrun the critics. I realized that when I gifted myself with rewards, I just seemed to have worked harder. When I see my hard work materialize in front of me, it did slowly empty my account with a certain speed but the drive I had also filled it up with 6 times the speed it was getting empty at.

So yeah, I was well able to cope-up with my wishes and wants because of choosing a different ‘path’, which to a lot of “MATURE ADULTS” is still a pointless and a meaningless one. But hey, you tell me, do I really have the time for them critics or should I run after getting my Rolex?

I have seen Explicive Media fund everything. My other ventures, my interests, and most importantly, my self-respect and the belief in my self. My mission might not be to make Explicive Media the greatest SMMA on the planet but high goals with Teenpreneur to reach the maximum number of teens who’re starving for all this. It’s so easy and you get lucky once you start working like a mad-man and f*ck the naysayers in your mind. Simple.

Q5. What are your views on our conventional education system? Do you think it is necessary for everyone to go to college?
If there are any adults reading this who have forced their opinions on their child or someone else’s child of pursuing a degree that YOU think is good and without the child’s acceptance, get off, right now. I have immense respect for you and you being ‘elder’ to me but I simply might be a little more versed about what I think is good for my education and you, Mr. Adult/Elder or Ms/Mrs. Adult/Elder have ZERO audacity to choose my faith. I feel we teens should be left to die on our own swords than get some crap guidance from an elder who might know a little more about the courses available. It’s true, simply because one might have good knowledge about the variety of courses simply does not entitle them to enforce their opinions of the ‘right course’ on a child that they can later suppress by telling them that they need to respect and obey the elders. I am so against the current education system. I have stuffed down utter-crap through my throat my entire school life and as a matter of fact, I’ve had some super understanding parents who are okay with the fact that I wanna drop from college! Now that’s a blessing.



Well, no. I had to convince them, the hard way. Now that they have understood, I have to care less about anything but satisfying my parents with a damn degree. They completely understand and always did know that a degree is meaningless until it’s something I’d love to possess. There is no point getting a degree about something I hate. Here’s a funny incident, a few far relations around me asked me to take up BTech (Engineering) just because I have a YouTube channel that dealt with smartphones and sh*t. What the hell, guys? And when I told them I didn’t wanna do that, one of them simply said one thing- “Someone who doesn’t do engineering, is a donkey”. I couldn’t laugh harder in my head thinking about the fact that a 40ish year old just said that. Luckily and gratefully, my father stood by my always and defended when anyone would enforce the ‘engineer’ thing on me. He instantly used to say, “an engineer isn’t the only option to be successful” and I am so thankful he took the hits but right then, when I took the wrong choice, of course, my parents didn’t believe me after that and went seeking advice from the SAME personality who said I would be a donkey if I didn’t do BTech. Under enough pressure and convinced as I was (I hate myself for being emotionally weak at times), I had to take a stream that resonated with engineering and guess what, I was frustrated and didn’t go to college. The one person I’d always drop my cover to is my dad because that guy has been an intense support system and it’s about time he’d see who I really am from inside. It’s been a while since we’ve even spoken and soon or later, what I’m sure about is he’s gonna be a proud father. Talk soon, dad.

Q6. What were the problems you had to go through during this journey?
Critics and naysayers. I have pretty much dealt with the response to this question in my above answer. Something I’d like to mention here though is that it was hard for me to convince an Indian mindset about the opportunities. Especially realized that the people who say- “Stay Grounded”, are wrong. In fact, I have never been able to achieve jack-sh*t when I was grounded. Only when I pictured myself having a $20,000 Rolex was I even able to get up from the bed.

Loving the journey is in fact, been my mantra all this while. More than the things the journey and the process of getting to them are what I would preach on more than anything else. The dirt and then the sky is fun. First, you travel in local buses to get to the level where you wanna be and then take a ride home in a Porsche is what I’m a fan of. Grateful for all the challenges I have in my life. As a matter of fact, I have left an enormous sum of money on the table just because I didn’t have a bank account of my own and it was a pain in the arse to get the money withdrawn from other sources. So there were a few everyday life challenges every teenager goes through that I went through too. Actually, there are a lot many potential things you madly would want to know about me and my blog ( is the place to go. If you’re reading this and wish to talk to me and discuss with me about any sort of issues you may be going, I’d LOVE to get on a phone/skype call with you and help you out- from a teenager’s perspective.

Cheers to the problems in life! *cling*

Q7. What has been that one thing that gave you a sense of accomplishment
Haha, me having the honor to write this and present myself in front of this massive audience is what has given me the sense of accomplishment on a micro at the moment. I tend to enjoy little wins and celebrate all of them – making sure I don’t lose a lot of money. 😉

The main thing that has ever given me ANY sense of accomplishment is the support I have from the community on Instagram & my parents. I absolutely love every one of you and I work hard every day so I get the time to DM every single one of you who engages with my content. I have almost reached out to 70% of my follow and wish to do this more often. On the flip side, there are intense moments when I feel low about me not achieving enough taking into consideration the gut I have always had towards my caliber. I believe every day, that I can do so much if I allocated my time and so much if I allocated my time and set up priorities right. My younger brother is also someone who has always supported me and has made sure I feel well about what I am doing. Although he’s just thirteen, I’ve seen him act more mature than a combined state of maturity of adults I have been around.

Simply, I’m extremely grateful to be featured here and especially the words Mehul along with hundreds of others have conveyed to me. I’d love to talk to each and every single one of you reading this. Even if you have nothing to say or ask, just drop by and say hi! I will one hundred percent get back to you on my Instagram. My Instagram handle is, wish to see Y’all soon!


Q8. Is there something you wish to say to our readers?
1. Don’t gamble on your future.
2. Life is super long for you to try new things and super short to delay it by another second.

The list continues, DM me and ask me about it, you’ll have more value thrown on your faces. See you soon Teenpreneurs and Hustlers. 💪🏻

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